Harassing Phone Calls

Have you stopped answering your telephone because of all of the harassing phone calls from creditors and bill collectors? Just because you have fallen behind on your bills does not mean you need to leave your phone off the hook. There are other ways to make the calls stop.

Once you hire us we will advise you to start referring your bill collection calls to us. Simply say, “call my lawyer,” and give the bill collector our number. Do not engage in conversation with them. Be polite, but be firm. You are under no obligation to explain anything to them. Just tell the collector to, “please call my lawyer, he can answer your questions.” And then hang up the phone. There are laws that prohibit the collectors from calling you again if you have hired an attorney and if the attorney verifies representation.

If you decide to file for bankruptcy relief you will be placed under the protection of an automatic stay (see "Chapter 7 Bankruptcy" above). Your collectors will no longer be able to contact you at all after they receive notice of the stay. That means no more letters or phone calls at home or at work -- no more contact period. The laws place you in a protective bubble so you can go back to your life and not live with the constant dread of harassment over the phone.